Our Divisions : Prevention Science & Community Health

Welcome to the homepage of the Division of Prevention Science and Community Health!

Saving and improving lives, in large numbers – this is what drives and excites us.

Here at the University of Miami’s Division of Prevention Science and Community Health, we are committed to reducing the mortality and morbidity attributable to the leading preventable causes of illness, disability, and death – and to promoting community health – in the United States and abroad.


Together, we advance research on the bio-behavioral, social, and cultural determinants of health and on the prevention of physical and mental illnesses that lead to morbidity and mortality. We improve health and achieve health equity for all We improve health and achieving health equity for all.by developing, testing, and supporting the implementation of effective health programs, policies, and practices.  We shape the future of public health by educating and mentoring emerging leaders in prevention science and community health.


This is an exciting time for prevention science and community health. Our division is expanding, which includes the development of a world-class Ph.D. program in Prevention Science and Community Health and a doubling of faculty, who are leaders in the field, over the next three years. Our Division is strategicallyWe are expanding and doubling our faculty. positioning itself as a leader in prevention science and community health to address preventable causes of illness and death in the U.S as outlined in the country’s National Prevention Strategy.


Faculty in our division are also currently engaged in strong interdisciplinary and cutting-edge scientific discovery in a range of physical, behavioral, and mental health areas, including HIV, cancer, obesity, substance use, delinquency, and depression. Faculty members are experts in developing preventive, theoretically-driven interventions for diverse populations, including Hispanic-Americans, Haitian-We are recognized experts in developing preventive theoretically-driven interventions for diverse populations.Americans, and men who have sex with men and male couples. Our faculty’s expertise in community based participatory research and in translational and implementation science is applied in multicultural community settings and reaches populations in greatest need of health promotion. The Division houses several large programs of research, including a Center focusing on Reducing Cancer Health Disparities, programs in implementation science and community-based participatory research, and projects on substance abuse, HIV, and obesity in minority youth both in the US and abroad.  Division faculty also direct the NIH-funded National Hispanic Science Network and the Sylvester Cancer Center’s Jay Weiss Institute for Health Equity. 


Our faculty have been locally, nationally and internationally recognized for their contributions to prevention science, community health, and mentoring initiatives from numerous organizations, including the Society for Prevention Research, the National Hispanic Science Network, and the Society for Research on Adolescence.

Learn more about our exciting faculty, cutting-edge research, and our future and innovative Ph.D. program.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to learn more!