Academic Programs

Master of Public Health (MPH)

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The MPH degree is a professional degree for students who require a broad general academic experience in public health. Students will acquire competency in the fundamental public health disciplines. This includes research design and conduct, data analysis and policy analysis, communications, program planning and administration, public health systems and the organization of health services in the United States and Latin America, recognition and analysis of ethical issues in public health and professional practice, the needs of special populations, and the integration of these core disciplines in public health decision making.

We recognize the importance of practical knowledge and skills for those entering the field of public health. The MPH degree provides comprehensive education in areas of knowledge basic to public health: biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health sciences, health services administration/health economics, and social and behavioral sciences. The MPH degree is a professional degree for students who require a broad general academic experience in public health.

The 45 credit degree program consists of 18 credits of core coursework, 21 credits of electives and 6 credits for the capstone/culminating experience. The MPH program is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

Program Duration: 1-2 years

One Year Advising Plan

The Curriculum

The total requirements for the major are 45 credits for traditional students. Many students who have an advanced degree (MD, MBBS, JD, DDS, EdD or PhD) may qualify for a credit waiver of up to nine credits.

Core Courses (19 credits):

EPH 600 Introduction to Public Health
EPH 601 Medical Biostatistics I
EPH 620 Health Education and Behavior (Alternate: EPH 617)
EPH 621 Fundamentals of Epidemiology
EPH 641 Environmental Health
EPH 631 Public Health Administration (Alternate: EPH 632)

Area of Focus (20 credits):

Students can choose coursework in one or more of the following areas:

  • Biostatistics
  • Environment and Public Health
  • Epidemiology and Population Health Sciences
  • Health Services Policy and Research
  • Prevention Science and Community Health

Capstone Experience (Capstone Field Placement and Capstone Project) (6 credits):

The Capstone Field Experience (EPH 680) and the Capstone Project (EPH 681) are both vital components of the MPH program, and together form the Capstone Experience. The Capstone Field Experience is designed to provide students with real world work experience in the field of public health. This experience places students in health-related settings (local, national, and international) to work on projects of mutual interest to both the field organization and the student. The Capstone Project is intended to build upon this fieldwork and is geared toward providing the student with an opportunity to apply public health academic theory and acquired skills to community health problems. Students are encouraged to build their Capstone Experience in such a way that supports their academic and professional interests as they advance in their careers as public health professionals.

Examples of Past Student Capstone Experiences