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Alexa Rosen, MPH ‘13

Senior Research Associate I, Department of Public Health Sciences; Core Coordinator, Miami Center for AIDS Research, University of Miami, Miami, FL

Please provide a description of what you’re doing now and what you like best about it.

As a research associate in Dr. Prado’s lab, I coordinate study activities, contribute to manuscript and grant writing activities, and collaborate with Drs. Prado and Estrada to develop intervention materials. My favorite aspects of my current role are the constant opportunities to solve problems using technology and collaborating with others to advance proposals for new projects. As the coordinator for the Behavioral/Social Science & Community Outreach Core of the Miami CFAR, I work with the Core’s leadership to organize meetings, presentations, and the community-wide Project SHARE seminar series. I also serve as a liaison between the Recruitment Outreach Coordinator of the Miami CFAR and CFAR investigators to ensure the Behavioral Core has the resources necessary to assist investigators in the recruitment of research participants, particularly for studies involving hard-to-reach populations.

What did you like most about your MPH/MSPH program?

  • Guest lecturers
  • Grand Rounds
  • Serving on PHSA e-Board (Social Coordinator, PHSA Sports)

How did your MPH or MSPH prepare you for what you’re doing now?

In addition to building fundamental knowledge and skills, I learned a great deal about how community systems interact.