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Harold Gil, MSPH ’13

Surveillance Epidemiologist, Marion County Public Health Department, Indianapolis, IN

What did you like most about your MSPH program?

Having the flexibility to craft a thesis project that lied within my interests, being allowed to lead it, and most importantly – receiving plentiful guidance from great mentors.

How did your MPH or MSPH prepare you for what you’re doing now?

In designing and leading an ambitious thesis project, I had to learn how to work through significant weaknesses to get it all done. In the process I learned how to be independent, resourceful, and self-motivated.

Please provide a description of what you’re doing now and what you like best about it.

My role is to utilize, design, create, and maintain surveillance systems that feed on emergency department data. This allows us to detect and monitor the status of outbreaks in the local region. I like that I’m given the freedom to design and create these systems in a way that I believe will make them of greatest utility for decision-making.