International Experience

International Experience

UM Grad Programs in Public Health is working hard to make new and exciting international field experiences available for our public health students. Doing research and participating in programs in foreign countries can be one of the most fulfilling parts of your academic career. Learn more about some of the fascinating trips our students have taken and the meaningful work they have done abroad!

Capstones and International Travel

Rammy Assaf
Kausai Wasi Clinic, Coya, Peru & Batey Relief Alliance, Monte P Dominican Republic Rammy is traveling to Peru and Dominican Republic to gain insight into how to support the health of impoverished populations, while working along the lines of political disenfranchisement. Farmworkers in the bateyes face severe discrimination from the Dominican government and often lack citizenship documentation. He also hopes to gain a direct perspective of what it takes to operate a humanitarian‐based umbrella organization, which incorporates the work of NGOs, governmental agencies, religious groups, and international aid. Additionally, his service in the Kausay Wasi clinic will provide first‐hand experience in intersectoral collaboration: between the fields of medicine, public health, and local small‐scale businesses that draw support from the clinic.

Adam Crosland
In Haiti, Adam Crosland assessed the efficiency of their mobile clinics that extended to rural parts of the community in the Central Plateau. He surveyed women of child bearing age that looked at the difficulties the local women faced in obtaining care in their community and how the mobile clinics assisted in addressing these public health concerns. The survey also inquired about infant mortality rates (IMR) and community perceptions concerning maternal delivery methods and maternal healthcare.

Hamzah Alhamzah
Project Medishare, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti Hamzah aims to gain an understanding of the current facilities and services available to amputation/rehabilitation patients served by Project Medishare. He will evaluate Medishare’s Amputee Rehabilitation Program, assess the current and expected deficiencies in supply and services, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Elan Horesh
San Blas, Panama Nutritional health analysis for the Kuna; measuring of vital signs and anthropometrics, conducting oral lifestyle survey, and implementing basic nutritional awareness.

Adam Crosland
San Blas, Panama. Conducting a community healthcare assessment and data collection project in the San Blas Health Center Project.

Julie Levasseur
Center for Haitian Studies, Miami, Florida & Project Medishare, Haiti Julie will be using her field experience to evaluate the differences in pre-natal care and maternal health between the immigrant Haitian population of Little Haiti and the Haitian women being served at the Medishare Hospital in Haiti.

Ian Bishop
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, Thamonde, Haiti “Assessing the acceptability of mobile telephone-based health interventions among rural women in Thamonde Haiti” Ian completed his capstone in 2011 in Haiti, where he assessed the growing availability of how the increased use of mobile telephones in rural developing world may provide a novel mechanism for health information delivery.

Kelly Grannan
International Family AIDS Program, La Romana, Dominican Republic Kelly will be participating in an internship with International Family AIDS Program in La Romana, Dominican Republic in summer 2012.

Jonathan Colasanti, M.D.
Atención Primaria en Salud (APS), Managua, Nicaragua “Una Prueba, Una Mujer – Dos Vidas Salvadas” Evaluating the impact of decentralized HIV testing on HIV testing rates among pregnant women in Managua, Nicaragua. 

Karina Lifschitz
Atención Primaria en Salud (APS), Managua, Nicaragua “Strengthening the Economic Sustainability of the Community-Based organization Atención Primaria en Salud (APS) and its extensive network of community health workers,” which aims to pilot a rural and an urban municipal-level pharmacy to generate sustainable funding for the organization and community health workers.

Harold Gil
CDC Regional Campus, Guatemala City, Guatemala “Strengthening HIV/AIDS and TB informatics through health center and laboratory data,” Harold will be working at the HIV/AIDS project of the CDC regional campus in Guatemala.

Cheryl Clark
Project Medishare, For her capstone project, Cheryl worked with an interdisciplinary team of social workers, clinicians and public health professionals to develop specific tools to track women who have been sexually assaulted and ensure that they are triaged appropriately for clinical care and supportive services. Sexual assault is believed to be on the rise in post earthquake Haiti. After completion of her MPH she joins our MD program with the class of 2016.

Michael Maguire
World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, Michael will be participating in an 8-week Global Health Fellowship in Geneva, Switzerland through Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy, which includes an internship at the World Health Organization. He will be involved with the Roll Back Malaria Partnership Secretariat.

Jason Heffley
European Center for the Environment and Human Health, Cornwall, United Kingdom Jason is working in the UK this summer on investigating pharmaceutical toxins in the environment and evaluating their potential impact on human health.

Devlin Paiva McGlohn
CDC Regional Campus, Guatemala City, Guatemala “Influenza Surveillance at the Human and Animal Interface,” Guatemala City, Guatemala Devlin will be working with the CDC Influenza Surveillance Program in Guatemala City on a project to enhance the detection of new strains of Influenza that may emerge from the animal-human interface.

Vanessa Cutler
Tikantiki Island, Panama “Maternal Health Trends of the Kuna on Tikantiki Island in Panama,” Cutler is traveling to Panama to continue research on factors that contribute to a significant decrease in time between first sexual intercourse and first birth, as well as menarche and first birth.

Nick Cnossen
Medical Students in Action, Dominican Republic Nick has been traveling to the Dominican Republic working on completing a baseline assessment to see if it would be feasible and acceptable to implement an oral health intervention aimed at decreasing decay and extractions through the application of fluoride varnish to children.

Chase Knickerbocker
AMOS, Nicaragua Chase will be working on an anemia education intervention in Nicaragua. He hopes to gain experience in international public health and better understand the value of community based participatory research methods. He will be supporting efforts to implement Photo Voice methodology and the evaluations of applied methods.

Diana Roman-Arocho
AMOS, Nicaragua Diana will be working on an anemia education intervention in Nicaragua. She hopes to gain experience in international public health and better understand the value of community based participatory research methods. She will be supporting efforts to implement Photo Voice methodology and the evaluations of applied methods.