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Role of Culture in Thriving and Risk Behavior in Hispanic Adolescents

The role of culture in thriving and risk behavior in Hispanic adolescents is a three-year, multi-site longitudinal cohort study, led by Dr. Seth Schwartz, Associate Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences. With support from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), this study is designed to identify the extent to which parent-adolescent acculturation gaps, perceptions of discrimination, and perceptions of an unequal opportunity structure in the United States are predictive of drug/alcohol use and precocious/unsafe sexual behavior among recently immigrated Hispanic adolescents in Miami-Dade and Los Angeles counties. Data are being collected and used to inform the Miami-Dade and Los Angeles County school boards regarding the health of their recently immigrated Hispanic students. Results will also be used to support the design of acculturation-based interventions for Hispanic adolescents and their families.