How to Apply

Congratulations on taking the next step in your career in public health! The University of Miami, Graduate Programs in Public Health exclusively accepts applications through SOPHAS (Schools of Public Health Application Service). Please note that if you have previously applied to any of our programs, you must resubmit a full and complete application through SOPHAS. Application materials from prior applications cannot be transferred to a SOPHAS application.

Please contact SOPHAS directly if you have questions regarding their online application. Should you have any questions about our programs, specific University of Miami application instructions or your complete SOPHAS application, please contact Matthew Brandon, Director of Admissions

Requirement Description
Pre-requisites MPH/MSPH - A bachelor's degree must be conferred before your intended start date. While coursework and experience in public health contribute to your application, it is not required to apply to these programs. Joint degree applicants should check with their other application major regarding their pre-requisites.

MS in Biostatistics - A minimum of:
  • 3 courses in calculus, including partial derivatives and techniques for multiple integrals
  • 1 course in linear algebra
  • 1 course in probability theory
  • 4 additional courses in statistics or biostatistics to include a general introduction, linear regression, introductory mathematical statistics and an additional course in survey sampling, multivariate, time series, nonparametrics, etc.
The admissions committee may conditionally admit students who do not meet these requirements and allow them to complete pre-requisites during their first year.

PhD in Biostatistics - Applicants must meet the requirements listed for the MS in Biostatistics plus two additional courses in statistics, biostatistics and related fields. The admissions committee may conditionally admit students who do not meet these requirements and allow them to complete pre-requisites during their first year.

PhD in Epidemiology - This program is primarily designed for persons who have completed a MPH degree, as well as for physicians and others who have a master or doctoral degree in a related discipline. At minimum, students should have successfully completed a graduate-level, foundation of epidemiology course as well as two biostatistics courses. The admissions committee may conditionally admit students who do not meet these requirements and allow them to complete pre-requisites during their first year.
Application Deadlines MPH/MSPH applications are reviewed on a rolling basis from September to the below deadline or until all seats are filled. MPH/MSPH applicants who are admitted for the fall semester may enroll in summer courses. Please note that PhD deadlines are firm and late applications are not considered.

International students are encouraged to apply a month early to allow for additional processing time for international transcripts as well as the immigration process for admitted students.

Application Semester Degree Program USA Deadline International Deadline
January 2014 MPH/MSPH

Nov 1st Oct 1st
January 2014 MS in Biostatistics Nov 1st Oct 1st
August 2014 MPH/MSPH (Scholarship Review) Feb 1st Jan 3rd
August 2014 MPH/MSPH Still Reviewing Still Reviewing
August 2014 MS in Biostatistics Jan 15th Dec 15th
August 2014 PhD in Biostatistics Jan 15th Dec 15th
August 2014 PhD in Epidemiology Jan 15th Dec 15th
The spring and fall applications for 2015 open on Aug 18, 2014.
SOPHAS Online Central Application Apply online through SOPHAS, the centralized application service of the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH). All application materials, including transcripts, test scores, personal statement, resume, and letters of recommendation, must be submitted through SOPHAS. UM does not require a secondary university application – only SOPHAS.

Applicants must use their full name as it appears on their passport on all application materials.

Allow up to four weeks for SOPHAS to verify grades and process and deliver your application to the University of Miami after your documents have been received. You will receive email confirmation once your application is delivered. It is the applicant's responsibility to monitor their online checklist and status through SOPHAS. Applications typically take 4-6 weeks to review, after completed and verified by SOPHAS. UM employees are notified of their admission decision approximately one month prior to the beginning of the semester.

Applicants to joint degrees in international administration, law and public administration must complete a second application in addition to their SOPHAS application. Please visit the program's websites for additional information.

Applicants to the joint four-year MD/MPH program apply through AMCAS and submit a secondary joint degree application through the medical school. Do not submit an application through SOPHAS. Click here for application deadlines and instructions.
Application Fee All applicants are required to pay a fee for use of the SOPHAS application service. The fee schedule can be found here. SOPHAS provides a limited number of application fee waivers and they are granted on a first come first serve basis. For additional information please click here. Please contact SOPHAS directly if you have questions regarding application fees.
Official Transcripts ALL official academic records including degree and certificate programs, English language programs, and incomplete coursework/degrees from all previously attended colleges and universities must be sent directly to SOPHAS.

You can print Official Transcript Request Form(s) from your online application. Official transcripts must be sent from the registrar directly to SOPHAS. Photocopies of official transcripts or unofficial records will not be accepted.

US Transcripts mailed by FedEx, UPS, DHL and other express couriers:
SOPHAS c/o Liaison International
311 Arsenal Street
Watertown, MA 02472

US Transcripts mailed by United States Postal Service:
P.O. Box 9111
Watertown, MA 02471-9111

International Transcripts
All non-US transcripts must be evaluated by the World Education Service (WES) using their ICAP Course-by-course evaluation service. For further instructions, visit the WES-SOPHAS website at Non-US transcripts are evaluated exclusively through WES. Make sure to enter your SOPHAS ID on your WES evaluation request so that your evaluation electronically matches to your application.

In addition to submitting your transcripts to WES, all international applicants are required to submit an additional set of all official transcripts, mark sheets (with English translation when applicable) and a photocopy of their diploma(s) at the time of their application to: University of Miami - Graduate Programs in Public Health; 1120 NW 14th street, R-669, Room 905; Miami, FL 33136.

All applicants who have attended school in China must submit a verification report in addition to original copies of the transcript and diploma with English translation to both WES and directly to the University of Miami. Contact the China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) at The report must be mailed directly by the CDGDC.
Test Scores Applicants are required to submit GRE general exam scores taken within the last five years.

Alternatively, applicants to the MPH/MSPH program can submit MCAT scores in lieu of GRE scores. LSAT or GMAT scores are acceptable from joint degree applicants to law or business. Applicants to the MPH/MSPH program who hold advanced degrees (MBBS, MD, JD, PharmD, PhD and other doctoral degrees) are not required to submit exam scores.

All biostatistics (MS or PhD) and epidemiology (PhD) applicants MUST submit GRE general exam scores - no substitutions or waivers are granted.

International students whose native language is not English are required to submit TOEFL scores. The TOEFL requirement is waived for applicants who have successfully completed 30 consecutive credits at an English-teaching school or have passed the USMLEs. The minimum score is 80 iBT or 550 PBT. The admissions committee may conditionally accept applicants with the condition of completion of our Intensive English Program.

Test Code Institution Recipient Name Notes
MCAT SOPHAS SOPHAS - Schools of Public Health Application Service Substitute for GRE
TOEFL 5688 SOPHAS in Massachusetts International Applications Only
Submit LSAT or GMAT scores via mail directly to: University of Miami - Graduate Programs in Public Health; 1120 NW 14th street, R-669, Room 905; Miami, FL 33136.
Statement of Purpose and Objectives Your personal essay is intended to give you the opportunity to submit a narrative discussing your past education, experience, and current professional career objectives. Your statement of purpose should describe your:
  • Reasons for interest in your application degree (public health, biostatistics, epidemiology)
  • Your specific area(s) of research/professional interest in your application degree
  • Career goals including how you hope to contribute to public health
  • Reasons for interest in the University of Miami
You are encouraged to compose your statement in a text-only word processor such as Notepad or TextEdit, review your statement for errors, then cut and paste the final version into the text box on your SOPHAS application. You are limited to 1,500 words.
Resume / Curriculum Vitae All applicants must submit a complete, up-to-date resume / CV that includes all employment, activities, community service, education and academic or professional honors. Be sure to include all experience related to the discipline you are applying to (public health, biostatistics, epidemiology), including field experience, training, education or other related qualifications with bulleted summaries.

Applicants should remove all biographical information typically found in international CVs such as age, race, marital status, religious affiliation and photographs from their resume / CV.
Recommendations All applicants are required to submit three letters of recommendation from those who are best able to assess your ability to be successful in a graduate degree program. Ideally, your recommenders are recent professors, researchers or employers in a related field. Applicants should request that their recommender write a letter that is specific to the discipline that they are applying to (public health, biostatistics, epidemiology). Form letters and recommendations written for medical school applications contribute little to your application and are strongly discouraged.

You will be asked for your recommenders’ contact information on the online application. They will be sent an online form to complete via email. Applicants must submit a minimum of three to a maximum of five recommendations. Applications are not reviewed until this requirement is met.
Interviews After the initial review of applications select applicants to the PhD in Epidemiology program will be invited to interview day. Our admissions committees may elect to interview any applicant by phone or Skype prior to making an admission decision.