Springboard Grant 2013 Recipients

Springboard Grant 2013 Recipients

Rammy Assaf, for designing and implementing a community-based intergenerational intervention focused on health promotion, and integrating elements of documentary production and performance arts in the Overtown community as a means of improving public health dialogue.

Debra Annane, evaluating and interacting with communities for ways to improve insights into the information needs of Black women regarding their breast cancer treatment in collaboration with Project SHARE.

Brian Bishop and Juhi Goswamy, for conducting and implementing a use-friendly video system that will provide patients with a series of physician-approved educational videos regarding percutaneous coronary interventions and lifestyle modifications necessary to manage their condition, post-surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Catarina Castruccio-Prince, for assessing the process of implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) at the Health Foundation of South Florida specifically in the enrollment of eligible, uninsured residents of Miami-Dade County.

Adam Crosland, for establishing the infrastructure to continue and create a sustainable relationship in the Central Plateau of Haiti to collect via a webpage to give feedback and recommendations, that will act as a database by other students and universities traveling to Haiti.

Madeline DePina, for a study on chronic kidney disease in Central America with the regional office of the Center for Disease Control in Guatemala.

Steven Fetterhoff, for the characterization of the contamination of Miami Canal of heavy metals and PCBs, exploring the potential implication of this contamination on community health, examining the association between sediment contaminations and the built environment and examining land-use zoning on human health.

Cyprianna Green, for an assessment on sexual and reproductive health beliefs, knowledge and behaviors surrounding high school students in Turks and Caicos as part of a program lead by the Ministry of Health and Human Services.

Audrey Jacobsen and Jie Jiao, for the development and implementation of educational materials for a hypertension treatment program for patients and health care workers with Project Medishare in Haiti.

Maryann Koussa, for an implementation of an intervention to raise community awareness on the prevalence of infant mortality among the African-American community in Miami and promote prevention strategies.

Michael Maguire, for the implementation of a student-run free clinic in Palm Beach County as part of the University of Miami Regional Medical Campus through a partnership with the Caridad Center.

Selina Stasi, for the design and delivery of a manual of operations for the “Exercise is Medicine”, program in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.

Courtney Avery, for the implementation of a public health education women’s program called “Viva Guna”, which will be designed to encourage holistic well-being through mindfulness and empowerment in women, where they are given tools to take action for positive health in their lives and their community in the Kuna Islands of Panama.

Bryanna Schwartz and Larissa Lester, for conducting focus groups and surveys to determine the best HIV testing method and the design of prevention educational materials for a women’s shelter in Overtown.

Melissa Swain, for an assessment of the public health impact of the Medical-Legal Partnership programs for underserved communities in Miami by data analysis and data reporting in a written research paper and participation in the 2014 National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership Summit in Washington, DC.