Department News : 2013 :

Jennifer J. Hu, Ph.D., left, and Evadnie Rampersaud, Ph.D.

Researchers Identify “Obesity Genes” Among People of African Ancestry

An international team of researchers, including three from the Miller School, has discovered new regions of the human genome that influence obesity in people of African ancestry, as well as others. Contributing to the study from the Miller School were Jennifer J. Hu, Ph.D., Evadnie Rampersaud, Ph.D., and Jorge L. Rodriguez Gil, B.S.

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 BSFT Institute members are, front row, from left, Jackie Lopez, administrative assistant; Monica Zarate, M.S.Ed. L.M.H.C., model manager; José Szapocznik, Ph.D.; Joan A. Muir, Ph.D.; and Diane K. Finek, M.S., M.A., research analyst; and, back row, from left, Seth J. Schwartz, Ph.D., associate professor of public health sciences; Keith Moak, M.B.A., marketing consultant; Stephen Denny, RMHCI, model manager; and Ruban Roberts, M.S.W., M.B.A., model manager.

Brief Strategic Family Therapy Model Awarded Contracts for Child Advocacy Programs in New York City

The Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) program, which was developed at the Miller School to help troubled youth and their families by strengthening parent-child relationships, was awarded contracts with four child welfare programs in New York City this month.

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From left are Miller School Dean Pascal J. Goldschmidt, M.D.; Margaret Fischl, M.D.; UM President Donna E. Shalala; Rhonwyn Ullmann, wife of Steven G. Ullmann, Ph.D.; Richard S. Myers, Ph.D.; Richard L. Williamson, Chair of the Faculty Senate; and Eugene W. Anderson, Dean of the School of Business Administration.

Drs. Margaret Fischl and Richard Myers Receive Faculty Senate Awards

On April 10, UM’s Faculty Senate recognized Margaret Fischl, M.D., for her lifelong pursuit in understanding, treating and searching for a cure to AIDS, bestowing upon her the Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award. Richard S. Myers, Ph.D., lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, received the Outstanding Teaching Award.

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Clyde B. McCoy, Ph.D., accepts the Distinguished Service Award at the UM Sports Hall of Fame banquet.

Dr. Clyde B. McCoy Honored at UM Sports Hall of Fame Banquet

The Miller School’s Clyde B. McCoy, Ph.D., felt right at home surrounded by sports legends at the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame 45th Annual Induction Banquet, where he received the Distinguished Service Award for his tireless support of the UM Athletics Department.

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Jennifer J. Hu, Ph.D.

UM Researchers Help Pinpoint Genetic Variants that Increase Risk for ER-Negative Breast Cancer

Two Miller School researchers are part of an international consortium that identified four genetic “spelling mistakes” that can increase the risk of one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer all too common in South Florida. The findings are reported in one of five studies produced by the Collaborative Oncological Gene-environment Study and published in a special issue of Nature Genetics.

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