Department News : 2014 :

Dr. Harvey Fineberg Presents “The State of America’s Health”

The Department of Public Health Sciences was honored as Dr. Harvey Fineberg, President of The Institute of Medicine, presented on The State of America’s Health: The Challenge for the Next Generation of US Public Health Professionals for the MD/MPH students this past Saturday, May 10th. The Brunch took place in the Newman Alumni Center where an amicable atmosphere allowed students to ask questions to Dr. Fineberg that were answered with precise clarity. As Dr. Finberg shared his extensive public health knowledge with the students he emphasized the need to think on a population level and that effect change can be made regardless of the medical trajectory taken. From surgeons to community health workers, all can create effect change to improve our nation’s public health. Dr. Fineberg’s message was motivating and comforting, because even though many challenges still lay ahead, public health has successfully accomplished many goals in the past decades and will continue to do so through programs such as those at the University of Miami that train and support public health professionals.