Department News : 2014 :

Global Health Scholars

This year, the Department of Public Health Science awarded 20 Global Health Scholars Awards to highly motivated and diverse MD/MPH students. These awards have been presented to students with exceptional projects in public health and medicine. We are proud to have more students traveling and they have even extended their global reach even further than last year.

The following student projects have been supported by the Department of Public Health Science’s Global Health Scholarship Award:

1. Julia Amundson for understanding public health trauma capacity preparation for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2. Cecily Barber for implementation of electronic records data for TB/HIV screening in Prisone Civile in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

3. Kimberly Berger for Open MRS implementation at Marmont Maternity Clinic in Marmont, Haiti.

4. Gaelle Brun-Cotta for providing combined antenatal care and HIV testing in rural Mysore, India through community outreach and mobile clinic vans

5. Zin Chan for the development of cervical cancer referral program in Yagon, Myanmar

6. Michelle Chong for community health and health education at the Jubilee House Community in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua

7. Emma Crichton for the assessment of current public health interventions established by Global Brigades in various Panamanian communities in Panama

8. Emeka Egbebike for the prevention and management of endemic HIV, Tuberculosis and Sickle Cell Disease in Enugu, Nigeria

9. Shida Haghihat for road traffic injury burden and prevention in Santo Tome, Argentina

10. Elisa Kim for HIV/AIDS surveillance system evaluations in Costa Rica, Belize, and Nicaragua

11. Charity Lee for determining diarrheal disease prevalence and change in children under 5 years based on water and sanitation intervention in Guatemala City, Guatemala

12. Lauren Lewis for uniting exercise and medicine by assessing the integration of exercise into health care through the Exercise is Medicine Singapore initiative in Changi, Singapore

13. David Mai for patient navigator development for the Department of Medical Biology and Genetics in Hanoi, Vietnam

14. Mallory Monda for disease prevention and control at the World Health Organization in Freetown, Sierra Leone

15. Chandan Patel for exploring public health education and screening programs for tobacco induced oral cancers in Ahmedabad, India

16. Amelia Poquette for projects with the Rwanda Zambia HIV research group on couples voluntary counseling, testing, and family planning with longer-acting methods of contraception in Kigali, Rwanda

17. Daniel Salahuddin for comparing tobacco control practices in the United States and in France through intervention implementation in Paris, France

18. Jennifer Shiroky for the assessment of healthcare administration and delivery in metropolitan versus rural Haiti

19. John Strutner for Cap Haitien Health Network and the public health effort to improve health care in Northern Haiti

20. Julien Thomas for measuring the effects of urbanization and the western diet on South Asian cardiovascular diseases risk in Mysore, India