Department News : 2014 :

Forida’s Surgeon General Visits Students

The Department of Public Health Sciences was honored by Dr. John Armstrong’s, Florida’s Surgeon General, visit to the medical campus on October 23rd. During a luncheon organized by the Department, students were able to discuss their public health interests and receive valuable expert feedback from Dr. Armstrong. This amicable atmosphere allowed students to ask questions ranging from environmental health to mental health, which were answered by Dr. Armstrong with precise clarity.

As Dr. Armstrong shared his extensive public health knowledge with the students, he emphasized the need to think on a community level and that effective change can be made when working within communities. He also highlighted the need to focus on maintaining healthy body weights in our communities as multiple health problems stem from unhealthy diets and insufficient exercise.

Dr. Armstrong’s message was motivating and comforting for everyone in attendance. Even though many challenges still lay ahead, public health has successfully accomplished many goals in the past decades and will continue to do so through programs such as those at the University of Miami that train and support public health professionals.