Master of Arts in International Administration Joint Degree (MAIA/MPH)

The Master of Arts in International Administration/Master of Public Health (MAIA/MPH) degree degree is offered jointly by the University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences and the Miller School of Medicine’s Department of Public Health Sciences. The MPH degree with a second master’s degree in international administration is designed for students who seek an in-depth knowledge of public health with a broader emphasis in globalization and health, international health, international health policy and international development.

Juris Doctorate Joint Degree (JD/MPH)

The Juris Doctorate/Master of Public Health (JD/MPH) joint degree program allows students to combine public health study with preparation for a career in health law, health policy or a related field. A student may complete requirements for both degrees within three and one-half years in an intensive program of seven semesters and three full summers. Joint MPH/JD students complete a total of 115 credits to earn both degrees.

Medical Doctorate Joint Degree (MD/MPH)

The Medical Doctorate/Master of Public Health program offers a four-year curriculum that truly integrates much of the MD and the MPH course work. The integrated curriculum addresses the knowledge, skills and experiences fundamental to those competencies required of a public health physician at the time of graduation from medical school. In addition to providing an outstanding foundation in the sciences basic to the practice of medicine and the pathophysiology of disease, the first two years at the Miami campus emphasize building a foundation and a community perspective in the principles of public health. Students move to the regional campus in Palm Beach County for years three and four of the program where the emphasis is on applying those principles to the clinical practice of public health while working in community teaching hospitals and public health department clinics and programs.

MD/PhD in Epidemiology

The Medical Doctorate/Doctorate of Philosophy in Epidemiology (MD/PhD) degree program provides a rich training environment that fosters the development of exceptional individuals as both biomedical researchers and clinicians. The MD/PhD program consists of the first two years of core basis science course in the medical school curriculum. This is followed by approximately three years of research training to complete the PhD degree, one year of required clinical rotations and one year of clinical and/or research electives. The program is designed to be completed in approximately eight years.

Master of Latin American Studies Joint Degree (MPH/MALAS)

MPH + Master of Arts in Latin American Studies
Miami is the gateway to Latin America. As such we recognize an urgent need for public health professionals with the training and expertise needed to meet the growing public health challenges both in Latin America and the Caribbean. This program is designed to train students for a career in public health with a focus on social policy, health management and health care in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as expatriate communities in the United States.

Master of Public Administration Joint Degree (MPA/MPH)

The Master of Public Administration/Master of Public Health (MPA/MPH) joint degree program is designed for students who seek an in-depth knowledge of public health with training in management and public policy administration. Students may complete the requirements for the MPH and MPA degrees simultaneously or in succession. It is possible for full-time students to complete both degree requirements within two and one-half academic years. Joint MPA/MPH students complete a total of 66 credits to earn both degrees.

(4+1) Bachelor of Science in Public Health/Master of Public Health Programs

The 4+1 BSPH/MPH or 4+1 BSPH/MSPH programs offers a five-year dual degree program in collaboration with the School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SONHS) and the Department of Public Health Sciences (DPHS). Undergraduate students enrolled in the BSPH program in the SONHS who qualify academically would be eligible apply to the MPH program during their junior year. Accepted students would then be allowed to take 12 credits (600 level) of graduate public health courses during their senior year. These 600 level credits would count towards their MPH or MSPH degree. By completing summer and intersession courses, students could complete their MPH or MSPH degree in only one additional academic year. Upon graduation with the BSPH, accepted students will then matriculate into the MPH or MSPH program and complete the remaining 33 credits of graduate coursework. This 4+1 dual degree prepares students for expanded career opportunities in science, government, academics, and industry.