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Elya Franciscus, MPH ’13

HIV Outreach Coordinator, Genesis Community Health, Boynton Beach, FL

What did you like most about your MPH program?

I really enjoyed how well rounded our program was; we had many varied classes that delved into all areas of public health. This really gave me the option to choose from every aspect of public health when making my career decision.

Please provide a description of what you’re doing now and what you like best about it.

I am the HIV Outreach Coordinator for a community based organization. My job entails HIV testing, outreach events, community awareness, and prevention efforts. I really enjoy all aspects of my job but my favorite part is participating in health fairs. I really enjoy educating the public on public health practices, plus I love the look on their faces when they see that I have free condoms.

What advice would you give to prospective and current MPH/MSPH students looking to do something similar to you?

I would recommend familiarizing yourself with HIV/AIDS literature and culture. I would also highly recommend taking the 500/501 HIV/AIDS certification course that is offered at most Public Health Departments. This is a very fulfilling field, but it is not for everyone. You need to be very comfortable with sexual topics and accepting of different lifestyles as you will encounter those on a daily basis.

What job search tips can you offer current students and recent graduates?

The best websites for my job search were,,,, Set up email alerts linked to the type of career you want, for example words like public health, health educator, wellness, HIV, Tobacco, and infection. Check out University job postings, as they often have research positions. Look up local health organizations in your area and send them your resume to have on file. Utilize our career services! Have her check your resume, do a mock interview, go over common questions, use all the help offered. Take advantage of certification classes, if someone is offering free CPR certification, take it! Grant writing workshop? Do it!